How to Disable Tracking Image in Salesforce Emails

When you send an email from Salesforce a 1×1 pixel image is inserted into the email. This image is used for tracking purposes. If the image that is hosted on Salesforce’s server loads, then Salesforce knows the email has been opened and will report it as such. In theory this is great, however it does have its drawbacks.

Drawback #1: Email recipients get alerted to “Download Images”

Many email clients (specifically Microsoft Outlook and Google) are setup by default to not download any images in an email. Instead they prompt the user to “download images”. If you are sending something like a newsletter where images are expected, this is probably okay. However, if you are sending what you think is a plain text email and the recipient gets this prompt – it will probably raise some red flags. Which leads to Drawback #2…

Drawback #2: Text emails with “Download Images” alert are suspicious

Personally, anytime I get what appears to be a text email and the email asks me to download images I know it was a mass email that is being tracked. Immediately you’ve lost that personal connection with the recipient and if you are in sales that is a bad thing.

So, how do you disable the tracking image in Salesforce emails?

It is actually very simple. Just follow the steps below…

1.) Go to … Your Name | Setup | Customize | Activities | Activity Settings.
2.) From there uncheck the checkbox for ‘Enable Email Tracking’

That’s it – you’re done!