The personal blog IS the new resume

If you haven’t read the article titled How to Make an Absolute Fortune From Your Blog (Really) by @ProBlogger then please, go read it now.

Darren Rowse declares “I want you to use your personal blog as a launch pad for your dream career. The personal blog is the new resume of the revolutionary.” When I read this, I couldn’t agree more.

He goes on to write, “The revolution is new, but the revolution is real. I invite you to leave the confines of the box everyone lives in and be a revolutionary.”

Please stay tuned to my blog, I have some exciting stuff planned in this area. It is my goal to revolutionize the way students and graduates think about finding jobs and defining their careers.

Personal Branding: Establishing Yourself as an Expert in Your Field

Every business professional should have their own blog where they blog about the field or profession that they are involved in.  This should come naturally to anyone who is enthusiastic about their profession and classifies themselves as an expert on the topic.  You can talk about industry trends, news affecting companies in your industry, create how-to guides, or give tips on your profession.  The idea behind creating your own blog it to 1) get you thinking about your profession, 2) establishing yourself as an expert in your profession, and 3) linking your blog to your name, so your name because associated with being an expert.

How to associate your name as being an expert in your profession

Linking your name to your blog is going to provide a huge benefit to your career.  I recommend that you try to register a domain name that either is your exact name or has your name in it.  For example, my name is Andrew Nadeau and I have registered  If had been taken I could have tried to brand myself using a nickname like or with my middle initial,  The idea behind using your own name is that if someone Google’s your name your blog will most likely rank #1 in the Google search results for your own name if your name is in your domain name.

What if all domain names for my name are taken?

If all domain names relating to your name are taken and you do not have a famous name then I suggest that you get a domain name that has your profession’s main keyword in it.  For example, if I am a social networking expert then my blog name might be  What you then want to do is put your name in the title tag of every blog post that you make and also make sure that your name is in several places on your blog.  For example, you might do a post titled “Is Twitter the next Facebook?”, so for this post the title tag in your blog will read “Is Twitter the next Facebook? – Andrew Nadeau”.  With this type of title tag you will be able to rank for your name and people will associate you as an expert in your profession.

Will having your own blog help you find a job?

Absolutely! Googling a job candidates name is becoming an easy way to see someone’s virtual resume.  If a potential employer Googles your name and the first result in Google is your blog where you talk about the industry in which you are applying for a job then it will greatly impress your potential employer and will separate you apart from other candidiates for the same job.  Also, if you have not had much work experience or internships then this is also a good thing to put on your resume and talk about in interviews as it shows you are passionate about your industry and that you want to be a leading expert in your field.