Make a Personal Connection with New Followers on Twitter

Would you rather ask someone to follow you or communicate with you on Twitter? Twitter is designed so people can “follow” you, but the word follow implies a passive, impersonal connection. However, there is a way to use Twitter to promote communication, active engagement, and conversation that is relatively easy to implement.

Instead of just linking to your Twitter profile and asking people to come follow you, I suggest that you use a more direct approach. Use a link that looks like this:

But of course replace “andrewnadeau” with your own Twitter ID. This link is going to link directly to that person’s “What are you doing?” box, and already have @andrewnadeau filled in. It will look like this…

You will want to say something like “Send me a message on Twitter” rather than just “Follow me on Twitter” when using this type of link. This makes your message much more personal and encourages your visitor to take the initiative to make contact with you. It will then be up to you to make a personalized response to their initial contact. Once you have exchanged messages you now have a more personal connection with this person and they are more likely to engage in your Twitter posts later on. This is a much better result then just having someone passively follow you and never really build a personal relationship.

So lets give this a try…

Send me a message on Twitter!

I promise to send you a message back on Twitter.