#1 Way to SEO a WordPress Blog

WordPress Blogs on their own are extremely search engine friendly. Within minutes of publishing a post you can get a listing in Google. Because of this WordPress is extremely valuable in generating traffic and building your business. If you are just a casual blogger that does not know too much about search engine optimization (SEO) there is one extremely important and beneficial way to optimize your blog posts for the search engines.

#1 Way to SEO Your WordPress Blog

By default WordPress does not optimize your URLs for the search engines. Look at the URL of one of your blog posts. It might look like http://www.andrewnadeau.com/?p=329. The problem with this URL is the ?p=329 part. Google gives extra weight to pages that have the main keywords in the URL, so as a blogger you are missing out on huge brownie points from Google by not optimizing your URLs. For example, the URL for this blog post is http://andrewnadeau.com/1-way-to-seo-a-wordpress-blog. Google will give extra weight, and therefore rank my page higher in their results, for anyone searching “SEO a WordPress Blog” or a combination of those keywords.

How to SEO Your WordPress Blog’s URLs

In your WordPress Admin Panel click on “Settings”, “Permalinks”, and then click the “Custom Structure” radio button. In the “Custom Structure” you will want to type /%postname%/ and you are done. It is really that easy to do. WordPress will now automatically convert your blog post URLs to URLs that are optimized for the search engines.