How to record a side-by-side Skype conversation

For a recent project I am working on, I needed to figure out how to 1.) Record a Skype conversation, and 2.) Edit and produce the Skype conversation as a video so that the two pictures were side-by-side. Here is a summary of my research and a step-by-step breakdown of how to accomplish this…


Download VodBurner. VodBurner is a Skype plugin that will allow you to record the Skype conversation and then edit it right in the program as well. VodBurner will allow you to create a side-by-side recording of the conversation and when you go to produce the video it even has a checkbox that will allow you to export just the audio separately if you want to make it available in addition to the video on your website.


Download Ecamm’s Call Recorder and ScreenFlow. Ecamm is obviously used to record your call and ScreenFlow is used to edit it. Using these two pieces of software will allow you to produce a side-by-side recording.

Hopefully you find this post helpful and if you have any other software or ways to improve this process, please post it as a comment.

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